1st nicotine replacement therapy product of its kind to be shelved which doesn't drive the smokers back to cigarettes - contains no nicotine, no tar, no carcinogens

  • Easy to use dissolvable oral strip.
  • TBX-FREETM could drive an increase of 10% in revenue for retailers within a year in the smoking cessation category.


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Nicotine Patch


Nicotine Nasal Spray


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Nicotine lozenges


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(thin film oral strip)


TBX-FREETM is the most advanced over-the-counter smoking cessation medication that utilizes quick absorbing oral strip technology.

  • TBX-FREETM is expected to prove post clinical trials that it will quickly dissolve within 25 seconds of intake and release a blast of all natural cytisine into the bloodstream to help curb Nicotine craving.
  • TBX-FREETM we anticipate clinical trials to prove that most users will experience a reduction to cigarette cravings within 7 to 14 days of use.

The Power of Cytisine - End Cigarette Cravings

Cytisine, the active ingredient in TBX-FREE is more effective than other nicotine replacement therapy , found in the golden rain tree (Cytisus Laburnum), mainly in the seeds . Cytisine acts similarly to nicotine. Like nicotine, it stimulates receptors in the brain nearly identical to tobacco cigarettes allowing the brain to overcome the craving for smoking. In one study by the Center for Addiction Research at the University of Auckland in New Zealand, 40% of over 1,000 participants who took cytisine did not relapse into smoking compared to 31% who partook in nicotine replacement therapy.

Lead Product- TBX-FREE (OTC:RSCI)

  • Affordable, effective, and easy to use
  • Anticipated 12.5% market share by 2024
  • Over 750,000 OTC retail opportunities