Redwood Scientific Announces Rapid Introduction Of New Products Over Next Three Quarters

LOS ANGELES, August 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Redwood Scientific Technologies, Inc (RST) the leader in over-the-counter medication delivered in an oral thin-film strip has announced the rapid introduction of new products to the marketplace over the next three quarters.

Redwood Scientific Technologies will be delivering three new products in Q3 of 2017 that will introduce industry-leading scientific advances. Vita-Balance, an adult multi-vitamin, will launch first, representing an enormous breakthrough in the oral thin-film delivery method. It will be the first time the amount of active ingredients has been synthesized down to the dosage required to create an effective, active thin-film strip. Next, RST will launch Capilli-Biotin RX, a hair-growth product that will also include huge benefits for skin and nails. The final product for Q3 will be Ocean-X, with the active ingredient Medazine, which will work to combat motion sickness and nausea. As an oral strip, it will bypass the need to be chewed, then placed under the tongue, for effectiveness.

Jason Cardiff, the company’s founder and CEO, stated, “I am very excited about the next 36 months and the ramp rate and growth of our new products coming to market. We continue to see massive growth in our over-the-counter drugs and look forward to the expansion with new products.

RST has planned to bring nine new products to market by the end of Q4, and is expected to announce the introduction of the company’s first line of children’s products in Q4 as well. By the end of Q3 of 2018, the company is hoping to bring over 20 new products to market each quarter, with a projected growth plan of 200 oral thin-film strip products by the end of 2018. Redwood Scientific Technologies has also reported they are on track to develop the first oral thinfilm strip to be delivered as a prescription-only treatment for internal infections. In addition, the company’s science team has reported new developments in creating an oral thin-film strip that will hold antibiotics. RST’s head of pediatric treatments, Dr. Oyemade, stated, “This will be the greatest treatment and delivery method we have seen in modern medicine in over 100 years.”

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